Australian Researcher Finally Reveals A…           

“Cure For Constipation, Bloating And Abdominal Pain That You’re Not Supposed To Know About
Even Though It’s Natural, Inexpensive And
Can Work Extremely Fast”

NO Laxatives, NO Enemas, NO Nonsense, NO Colonics, NO Nonsense!
Just TWO Simple Steps That Are GUARANTEED To Obliterate Your Constipation

From The Desk of Matthew Helmsford 

Dear Constipation Sufferer,

This conversation might be a bit uncomfortable but if you’ve ever suffered from constipation it’s worth it.  We’ll be tactful but this information is way too important to be kept secret anymore…even if it’s not polite to talk about in public.
In fact, you should go ahead and turn off the TV, unplug the phone and lock the door because this is easily the most important thing you’ll read all year.

It’s actually too bad more people don’t talk about constipation.  If they did then this easy, inexpensive and fast-acting cure wouldn’t be such a secret.

But sadly it is.  Look, here’s the bottom line:

For over five years I suffered through the same embarrassing and painful constipation problems that lots of people do.  My life was filled with worry and stress because my digestive system was unnaturally irregular.  What started as an irritating annoyance soon took over my life…
  • My sleep fell apart thanks to cramping, bloating and pain (not to mention the mental and emotional stress because I always felt sick).

  • Constant shame and embarrassment when I suddenly “excused myself” from meetings and parties because I finally HAD to go to the bathroom (usually for the first time in five-to-seven days).

  • Humiliation when I finally got back after 30 or 45 minutes, all sweaty and sick-looking because of the pain and strain I went through.

  • No more eating out thanks to me completely unpredictable digestive system.  I couldn’t handle sitting and suffering in a public restroom (or, even worse, having to “go” on the way home!).

  • Wasted days on the Web finding pointless home-grown remedies and cures that didn’t do anything for me.

  • Thousands of dollars blown on natural and holistic treatments that left me just as bloated and uncomfortable as ever (with a shrinking bank account and shriveling self-esteem).

  • Hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars squandered with doctors who prescribed dozens of drugs before finally giving up (including one nasty pill that was finally yanked off the shelf thanks to serious and potentially fatal side-effects).

My Life Was A LIVING HELL And I Was
Too Embarrassed To Talk To Anyone!

Look, everybody gets plugged up now and then.  And, yeah, this overnight cure will get rid of random constipation problems.  A lot of us have much bigger problems than the occasional difficulty going to the bathroom.

Those lucky people who usually have no problems just don’t get it.  Even when they try, they just don’t understand what it’s like for those of us suffering everyday.

Maybe you’re familiar with the dismissive attitudes we get from normal people.  Most of us try to keep our pain and suffering hidden but sometimes we need support from our family and friends.

They cheerfully suggest a laxative, enema, herbal tea, cleansing bath or some other remedy.  Maybe it’s worked for them or somebody in their family.  Maybe they saw it on TV.  Maybe they read it in a magazine.  Who knows?

Doesn’t really matter where they got it because they present it to us like it’s a sure thing.  And since they’ve given us “the solution,” we’re never supposed to complain again.  If their suggestion doesn’t work then they say we did it wrong and shrug their shoulders.  Case closed.
We sink back into our lonely cocoon of embarrassment, shame, worry and pain.

Any of this sounds familiar?  Like I said, it was my life for over five nightmarish years.  That whole time I just kept thinking: “This isn’t how life is supposed to be!”

And I was right.  More right than I ever imagined.  

Not only is this whole problem unnatural and unhealthy…it’s also unnecessary.

It took me over half-a-decade to stop being a guinea pig for doctors, drug companies and quacks.  Our pain pushes their profits into the sky while they test out their latest chemical or herbal concoction.

You want to know the truth?  Some of that stuff did actually help clean me out for a day or two.  I got my hopes up every single time.  Pretty soon the constipation came back and my dreams came crashing down to the ground.

After years of this nonsense I found out why it happens:
Constipation Is NOT The True Problem!
It’s A SYMPTOM Of The True Problem!
Nothing worked for me in the end.  Treating the symptom only gives us temporary relief because the problems stayed around.  Under the surface just waiting to jump back in and cause havoc.  Maybe all those people selling me “solutions” just didn’t realize they were ignoring the problem.

Maybe they knew they were ignoring the problem and did it anyway to keep me as a customer.  It seems like they count on us not ever thinking it through (and who knows, maybe they’re right).  We go get a potion, lotion or drug and are thrilled when it actually makes us feel better.

In our minds we designate that person or product as our savior.  We don’t even bat an eye when the symptom soon pops up again…After all, we know how to fix now.  We hurry over to their store or their website and pick up another batch.

We rush home and take it because we know it’s going to work again.  Of course we’re supposed to forget the fact that these “treatments” tend to have side-effects that are even worse than the original symptoms.  Besides, they’ve got another treatment that’ll get rid of the side-effects!

Put bluntly, most doctors and healers stand to make a lot more money if we continue getting sick.  I truly like to believe that most of them don’t put profit above their patients.  But you and I both know that it does happen at least some of the time, don’t we?
Modern Medicine Does Some Miraculous Things
But, Overall, They’ve Let Us Down In MANY ways

This conversion isn’t going to slide into a gripe session about doctors, I promise.  But it’s important enough to bring up because we all need to be aware of these problems.  At the very least it’ll make us all safer every time we deal with a doctor.

And, you know, A lot of times it’s not even your doctors' fault: an insurance company, hospital administrator or some other “business person” is the one signing the checks and calling the shots.  It’s better for “business” if we rotate between sick/better/sick/better a few times each year.  If all the sick people got healthy then they’d have to find a new job!

That pretty much explains why the whole medical community seems to hate homeopathic and natural remedies.  Nobody would pay a hundred-bucks for a pointless prescription if they could get better results with a five-dollar bottle of something safer, more effective and more pleasant?

Nobody I know would, that’s for sure.  I know for a fact that I wouldn’t because I haven’t....ever since I found a startlingly simple cure for constipation.

Searching for that cure was anything but simple.  It was horrific at the time but I can almost look back on all of my dead-ends and laugh now that my constipation problem is gone.

Stop and think about the map you’ve been trying to follow on your way to wellness.  How many of these empty and deceptive landmarks have you visited?
  • Fiber drinks that look like somebody already drank them once (and don’t taste a whole lot better than they look).  NO Lasting Relief…Now I finally understand why.

  • Supplement “miracles” that can easily cost upwards of $100 for a single bottle.  NO Lasting Relief…Some interesting and nasty side-effects though.

  • Crazy colonics and embarrassing enemas that try to force something that should be happening easily.  NO Lasting Relief…Just trouble sitting down for awhile.

  • Any number of “Constipation Teas” that tend to be caffeinated fiber-fests (and taste like it too).  NO Lasting Relief…Lots of jittery and weird side effects.

  • Ridiculous potions, lotions, brews, concoctions and yes, even suppositories.  NO Lasting Relief…Don’t even mention those stupid suppositories again.

  • Unpronounceable prescriptions thrust by drug companies onto doctors who push them to us.  NO Lasting Relief…Though maybe some lasting damage thanks to one stupid pill (per the FDA).

Tried it, tried it, tried it, tried it, tried it and tried it. No real success. 

I finally took things into my own hands after traveling down all those empty roads and trying a number of things too bizarre to even mention.  At very worst, I’d end up empty handed and disappointed…just like I would if I kept trying the same solutions that hadn’t worked before.

There is no way I’m going to bore with the details of my exciting trips to used book stores and university research labs, reading old medical books and talking with professors and scientists.  It was more fun than trying another shake, syrup or suppository but the months spent researching weren’t exactly “exciting.”

Well…it did get more exciting once I found the simple solution we’ve all been hoping for.

It jumped out at me because it was something I’d never ever heard of.  It seemed like I should have known about everything after so many failed years of searching and experimenting.  Obviously that wasn’t true at all.

Excitement and relief were struggling to the surface of my brain but I kept pushing them back down.  All of the disgusting stuff  I’d tried in the past had “seemed” like the solution at the time…getting all pumped up only to be let down again didn’t sound like much fun.

But there was just something that felt right about what the book had to say.  All of that decades-old medical talk had been dry and boring a few minutes ago.  Now this section on digestion and waste removal sounded like a poetry to me.  This’ll sound kind of dumb but it’s exactly what I thought…
That Winding Mess Of Tubes And Chemicals Is A
Mind-Bogglingly Complex Little System!
Vitamins, bacteria, enzymes, minerals, acids and other microscopic stuff combining in a precise and mechanical way turning food into energy.  

I’m really not a car guy but it seems like our stomachs are kind of like car engines: If one component breaks down then the whole engine starts to stall.  Imagine your car starting to chug-chug-chug down the road because it’s almost out of oil…

Your engine won’t start running better if you replace the belts…or upgrade the fans…or install the most expensive gold-plated spark plugs.  Heck, you can swap out every single part of the engine but, without more oil, your car still won’t get you down the block!

You wouldn’t even thinkof doing that.  If the engine needs oil you’d just give it the oil, right?

Also, nobody else would even think to suggest it to you…and they absolutely wouldn’t force you or trick you into doing it!

In reality though that’s exactly what we do when we increase our fiber intake, start drinking more water, use laxatives and enemas, etc., etc., etc.  Most of the stuff is good for us and it beefs up portions of our stomach engine but it won’t have any lasting impact on overall performance.

At this point it probably doesn’t shock you to find out that the top-of-line engine we all have for processing food is low on “oil” and nobody bothered to tell us.  At the time, I’ll admit, I was shocked.

On the way home that shock turned to frustration.  It seemed unbelievable that we’d never been told about this.   Maybe it won’t actually work.  Maybe nobody else even knows about it.  Maybe, maybe, maybe…

Well it did actually work.  And other people do know about it.  Lots of other people, in fact.  Armed with something highly specific to look for I was able to quickly find over 200 published studies about this amazing substance. 
 I Had My First Bowel Movement In Four Days
I ordered the supplement(or should I say nutrient?) and while waiting I decided to follow your other plan to eat properly and hoping to get a bowel movement if I'm lucky. A miracle happened the very next morning and I had my first bowel movement in four days. I still couldn't believe it can be so simple.
Your book is a blessing to me. Thank you so much.

Kevin Hurst   
Chermside, Brisbane QLD  

And we have been told.  Kind of.  It’s been mentioned here-and-there but the full range of its power has been significantly downplayed by doctors, drug companies and advertising firms.

Study after study showed the same thing: this single mineral was extremely important to our overall health and well-being. Most people don’t get enough of it.  This is bad and needs to be fixed.  So many different studies, so many similar conclusions.  

Once upon a time it was easy to increase your levels because it was found in so many foods.  And it’s still technically found in those foods.  What’s changed is how we process and prepare our food.  By the time the food lands on our plate it’s lost most of its natural vitamins and minerals…including this one.

All of the problems caused by deficiency could easily be taken care of if everyone simply knew about it.

I did say “problems” on purpose because this deficiency is wreaking a lot more havoc than just constipation.  According to the hundreds of medical studies, this deficiency is also connected to allergies, anxiety, depression, asthma, diabetes, attention deficit disorder, PMR and a number of other serious health problems.

I didn’t know any of this when I was reading through that book.  I just wanted to get rid of the cramping and the pain and the embarrassment and the suffering.  No, scratch that, I didn’t ”want” to get rid of it…I HAD to get rid of it.  

And I did get rid of it.  

My dad asked me to share my discover with him after he saw how quickly my health improved.  He suffered from constipation just like I did…and we got rid of his.

Dozens of our friends and families were able to get rid of their constipation problems too.  

And you’re about to get rid of yours using the same simple, safe, inexpensive and quick methods we’ve used.  It may be a cliché but it’s really true for you: today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Like I said, I still remember stumbling across the critical passage in that book: I remember the budding excitement and the feeling of impending disappointment.  It may have “felt” right but I absolutely refused to believe it at the time.

I’ve been around the block too many times and had high-rising hopes dashed too often.  I’m extremely skeptical about everything these days.

If you’re the same way I don’t blame you.  It’s really a sad fact that…
We’ve Been Trained To Believe There Is NO SUCH THING As A Quick, Easy And Inexpensive Cure For Constipation And Other Digestive Problems
We’ve been sold this lie because it’s in the best interest of the people selling it, period.  Thanks to their lies we’ve become jaded and disbelieving; even when we stumble upon the real answer.

None of that is right, none of that is fair but it is reality.  

Just like it’s reality that a cure does exist.  A cure that’s inexpensive, easy-to-find, simple-to-use and completely natural.  Oh yeah, and like we talked about earlier, it can work within 7 short days.
Now I'm All Free It's Such A Great Feeling
I had been taking fibre drinks for years and my constipation just wouldn't go away. I'm glad I came across the information and knowledge in your book and incorporated them into my life. Now I'm all free! It's such a great feeling!
  Maria Sylvester  
  Toledo, Ohio

But it’s totally understandable if you're filled with anxiety and disbelief.  The last thing you need right now is to waste even more money, no matter how small of an amount it is, on another disappointing cure.

In a perfect world we’d get back the time, money and energy we wasted searching for a solution.  In a perfect world those slick salesmen and cunning con-artists would be forced to stand behind their products and offer a guarantee.  

Of course it’s not a perfect world, almost nobody guarantees anything like that and they’ve still got all of our money.  

I might be strange or something but it doesn’t seem fair and right…you know?

Before you see what’s included in this urgent Special Report, “Goodbye Constipation,” you need to know that you are in that perfect world right now.  I do what most people wouldn’t dream of because I know how well this works.
That’s Why Your Special Report Comes With A 365 Day
No Questions, No Fine Print, No Weaseling Out…If It Doesn’t Work Then It’s FREE
Discover What The Medical Industry Doesn't Want You To Know About!
  "Goodbye Constipation" Reveals The Only All-Natural, Proven, Simple Steps System That Is 100% Guaranteed To Cure Your Constipation Problem For Good!

If You Can Follow 2 Simple Steps, Then You Can Permanently End Your Constipation Once And For All, Guaranteed....Or Your Money Back!

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Remember how we talked about the fact that most constipation “cures” only work for a little while?  After a few days, maybe a week or two, you’re back to your normal and irregular pain.  It’s really no surprise they don’t have a guarantee…especially for a full-year.

Those crooks have actually stolen a lot more than our money, y’know.  They’ve made us so suspicious and distrusting that we end up missing out on a real cure.  It makes me angry to imagine you spending the next week suffering with constipation because you’ve been burned before.   

By removing all your risk, by offering to refund your money anytime in the next year, I hope to stop those idiots from ripping you off again.

“Goodbye Constipation” also carries a full-year guarantee because it probably won’t work for every single person.  It might sound odd to hear me say that, it doesn’t seem like anybody else does anymore, but I’m just being honest.

Just think about it for a second: what is more critical to life on Earth than the glorious rays of the Sun beaming down each day?  Not much, right?  Well, a tiny percentage of people worldwide are actually allergic to the sun.  Their allergies may be mildly annoying or severely fatal: either way their allergic.

Since the Sun doesn’t “work for everybody” how can the scammers claim their basement-built concoction will?  Maybe they don’t have a conscience or maybe they just can’t sleep at night.  Doesn’t really matter to me which it is because those horrible people are out of my life for good…And they’re about to be out of yours too.

This Special Report “Goodbye Constipation” is just like the Sun: a few people may have no success with it for reasons we’ll never really understand.  

You know what?  If it doesn’t work for somebody then I truly don’t want their investment!  All of the other sites I’ve been to like to claim that their crap “works all the time on the people in all the universe” which is total marketing hype. 
Thank You So Much For Bringing My Health Back
As I had tried almost everything out there to relief my horrible constipation I simply couldn't believe how well your methods work. Two days after taking the supplement I had my first smooth experience in the bathroom. Now I just follow the list of foods you provided without taking any supplement.
Thank you so much for bringing my health back.
James Corwin
Huntington, West Virginia

You Have 365 Full Days To Use The “Goodbye Constipation” Secrets
If You’re Unhappy You’ll Get Your Money Back AND Keep The Information

Now that you know your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, let’s talk about “Goodbye Constipation.”

You’re about to experience something very different than most of the other constipation “cures” out on the market.  They try to shock the constipation out of your system by overloading it with their magic potion.  It’s uncomfortable and we both know how well it’s worked in the past.

Instead of following that rocky path, the two-step system in “Goodbye Constipation” eases your body out of pain constipation and into comfortable regularity.  

You could actually ignore the rest of the Special Report, put the two-step system into practice and eliminate your constipation problems.  Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, obviously, and the rest of the book builds around the Two-Step System so you’ll know…
  • The truth about which parts of your diet drain you of this vital nutrient (it goes way beyond fast food!)

  • Why enemas are not a true solution to constipation and can actually be dangerous to your insides.

  • The truth about how much water you should drink to keep your system working (and why it doesn’t matter how much you drink if you’re missing this vital nutrient),

  • Real world facts about the potentially lethal addictive properties of laxatives.

  • Dirty little secret about bottled and filtered water (an entire industry has been built around unhealthy misinformation).

  • Three common drinks that wreck your ability to process nutrients and digest food.

  • Do you understand the connection between calcium and constipation? (you’ve heard that it’s important for a strong bones and a healthy body…but there are a few things you don’t know).

  • Over 100 different foods you can (and should) be eating to keep constipation away forever.

  • Fiber facts you probably don’t know (why you’re probably wasting your time with it). 

  • Lifestyle habits that practically force your body into constipation (even though they’ve got nothing to do with food, drinks or exercise).

I Cured My Constipation Problem
I've learned so much from your book and I took immediate action as soon as I finished reading it. The best part of all I cured my constipation problem.
It's been 3 weeks now and my bowel is working fine everyday. Amazing!  Thank you Matthew.

Bradley O'Connor
Currumbin, QLD
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All of that (and a lot more) is contained in the concise, easy-to-read and fluff-free handbook “Goodbye Constipation” which is about to be instantly delivered to you through download.  You’ll understand why you’ve been having constipation problems and know exactly how to get rid of them…within minutes of downloading the guide.

When it comes to your health you can never have too much information, don’t you think?

Because of that fact, I’ve pulled together a few additional books jam-packed with information you can use to keep your digestion in even better working order.  You don’t have to read through them if you don’t want to, the main guide will still clear out your constipation just fine.  

You’ll probably want to read them though…
And For A Limited Time You’ll Get All Of The
Information Below FREE With “Goodbye Constipation”

First, you get “The 8 Most Deadly Foods For Your Digestive System,” so you’ll know all about what you should avoid.  Unlike other books, this one isn’t full of rare ingredients or obscure dishes that you probably wouldn’t eat anyway.

We’re going to discuss 8 extremely common foods that wreck your digestive system and your overall heath.  Knowing the true impact that this stuff is having on your body will definitely help you make informed decisions about what you eat (and what you feed your family everyday).

Instead of just printing a quick list saying “don’t eat these,” we’ll cover each entry in full detail so you have a full understanding about:
  • Extremely common drink that can lead to liver failure, block the absorption of vital nutrients and seriously deplete your supply of the vital nutrient covered in the main book.

  • Everyday drug, found in lots of drinks and snacks, that pushes your levels of cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine through the roof while dropping your constipation-killing levels through the floor.

  • Food family that’s constantly being pushed on everyone even though approximately 75% of the world’s population is allergic to it.  Some folks have mild allergies while others have potentially fatal complications.  If you’re not in the “severe allergy” segment then you’d probably never think to blame these foods for your rashes, cramps, heartburn, constipation, vomiting, etc  Now you’ll know, though.

  • Exceptionally popular flavorings that people all over the world add to their meals even though it destroys the natural flavor of the food as well as causing digestive problems and heartburn while destroying the lining of your stomach and slowly eating away at the lining of your esophagus.

  • Painfully addictive substance, found in everything from soft-drinks to apple sauce.  It used to be reserved for the wealthiest portions of society but now it’s peddled to every man, woman and child in society.

You’ll understand the disgusting reality behind these facts, and many others, that make up “The 8 Most Deadly Foods For Your Digestive System.”  These facts are disgusting simply because every single one of these dangerous foods is peddled to our families every day…while the simple truth behind eliminating constipation has been hidden from us.
You’ll Get ALL The Information About Dangerous Foods
Absolutely Free

As we discussed, you’ll also get a second book totally free, “Quick Exercises And Postures That Improve Digestion,” that will help ensure your digestive system stays in a fully functional state of peace.

Unlike a lot of exercise plans for eliminating constipation, the easy exercises found in this free book aren’t going to wear you out or try to pump you up.  The only goal of this simple exercise system is to keep your digestive system heading in a healthy direction.

Collected specifically for their incredibly positive impact on your digestion, these yoga stretches and positions gently nurture your digestive system while also helping to eliminate stress, fight off illness and elevate your mood.

If you’ve never worked with yoga before then you may have an unrealistic picture of what it’s all about.  The media loves to portray yoga in candle lit rooms, wearing long Eastern clothing while seeking spiritual enlightenment.

To be fair, Yoga can be used very effectively that way…But that’s not what these exercises are about.  No dogma required, nothing to “believe in” aside from your new life without constipation.

Working through these quick and simple techniques just 2 or 3 times a week, combined with the information found in “Goodbye Constipation” will keep constipation out of your life, give you more energy and help you sleep better every night.
Okay, Okay…So How Much Is It Going To Cost Me
To Eliminate Constipation From My Life?

Far less than a dinner in a decent restaurant (which you’re going to finally be able to enjoy again).  The way the world is going, the $19.95 investment in your improved health is probably less than the gas you’d use getting to and from that restaurant!

Of course, if you don’t get rid of your constipation using the information you’ll find in“Goodbye Constipation”then it doesn’t cost you anything.  The small $19.95 investment will be completely refunded and the bonus books are yours to keep.

Many health professionals would rather eat a box full of pencils than offer a guarantee.  If you’ve ever tried their stuff then it’s obvious why.  Unlike them, I’m extremely excited about offering my one-full-year money-back guarantee because I know exactly how powerful these strategies are.

It may be hard to imagine your life without digestive problems and constipation.  It may be nearly impossible to visualize how you’ll feel next week once you’re finally “regular” again.  It may seem like a total dream to imagine getting through your workday without pain or embarrassment.

All of that was extremely hard for me to imagine after five years of suffering through the embarrassing pain and discomfort of chronic constipation.  

After this moment you won’t have to “imagine” it.  

You won’t have to imagine sitting through a whole movie without constantly shifting because your stomach feels bloated and uncomfortable.  You won’t have to imagine being able to go out to dinner without stress and worry.  You won’t have to imagine finally feeling normal again.

You’ll be living it.  For just $19.95 you’ll finally be free from all the pain, discomfort and bloating that you’ve been led to believe is incurable.
Matthew Helmsford, 
Founder of

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P.S. Don’t forget, the bonuses are only going to be included for limited time.  Getting the “The 8 Most Deadly Foods For Your Digestive System” and “Quick Exercises and Postures That Improve Digestion” at no additional cost will soon be impossible.

P.P.S. Your One Year 100% Money-Back Guarantee means you have absolutely no-risk.  If you’re not satisfied with the relief and digestive normalcy you’ll soon be experiencing then you’ve got 365 days to be fully refunded.  And the bonus books are yours to keep forever with no obligation.
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